About Us

We are a small family run business consisting of Ellie (our founder), Emma (Ellie's mum) and sometimes even Ellie's little sister Madie. We strive to provide excellent quality products at very competitive prices. We currently have one supplier for some of our products and we hand make some of our products. Our signature and unique product is the Ballet Belle SAB skirt.

A little more background.

Ellie has been a dancer since she was 2 years old, she started her journey at Newcastle Dance Centre but when family commitments changed and we had to move, the task was on to find another dance school and that's where Ellie's dancing really took off. She started at a lovely dance school based in York called EnPointe Classical Ballet School. With the outstanding teaching and support she received from there she successfully auditioned for a number of ballet programmes including National Youth Ballet, Elmhurst Young Dancers, English Youth Ballet and Northern Ballet Associates. Ellie then decided she wanted to go to vocational school and successfully auditioned for The Hammond School. Ellie's sister has also followed in her footsteps by going to Enpointe and also successfully auditioned for Elmhurst Young Dancers and Royal Ballet Online Junior Associates, so you can see dancing is a real passion, so when Ellie asked to start a business around dance that's when Ballet Belle was formed.